About us & Oncle Jean

Mon Oncle Jean is the name Directors Philippe Metral and Jo Walton have given to their food enterprise. Philippe relocated to Totnes from his home in the French Alps in 1996. He has been working as a Chef in South Devon since then. Jo Walton, IT Trainer and musician brings to the business her entrepreneurial and creative skills.

About 3 years ago – when we first introduced our Mon Oncle Jean project at Berry Pomeroy Castle we hoped that some day we would be able to start up an eating establishment of our own – in town – in Totnes.

So we left Berry Pomeroy, spent endless months  finding and securing new premises and finally opened in Ticklemore Street at the end of December 2017.

And here we are.  We continue working hard to put ourselves on the map.  More and more people are liking what they’re finding.  Feedback has been great.   Our client base is growing.  Onwards & upwards – as they say..

Who is Mon Oncle Jean?

MOJ et femme

Mon Oncle Jean (Philippe’s Uncle John) was a prominent Chef in his family patch, the Dauphiné region and its capital Grenoble.

“Mon Oncle Jean symbolizes dedication, passion for food and ultimately inspiration. I watched him cook. I loved it and I loved him”.

Le Dauphiné and Grenoble

On a crossroads between the Mediterranean and Western Europe, blistering cold in the Winter, scorching hot in the Summer, this Alpine region is multi-cultural – contrasted and stunningly beautiful.

Our Food

Based on a broad knowledge of traditional cuisine mostly from France, England and the Mediterranean countries, Philippe’s cooking aims to create a fulfilling, healthy, eye catching and taste bud teasing plate of food.

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Phone:  01803 866 888    Email: moj.food@zoho.com

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